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Our online database helps you find the projects, people and sales pipeline you are looking for. The database has details on Constructions (hotel projects), Chains (hotel groups and brands) and Companies (sales leads).


The Construction tab allows you to search for hotel projects around the globe or in your selected region. The various filters help you to identify your best sales targets. We focus on the projects from mid-scale to luxury that offer the biggest opportunities for suppliers.


In the ever-changing hotel industry it can be hard to keep up with the many hotel groups and brands and their project pipelines. Our Chains tab gives you an instant overview and allows you to find projects by each individual brand or group.


We identify the most relevant decision-makers for each hotel project we research. With the Companies tab you can find the most active architects, interior designers, investors, owners and developers.


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Our online database comes with a wide range of functions that will allow you to find the right hotel construction projects, with all relevant decision makers, in just a few clicks.

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Search for projects with various filters according to your targets – construction phase, room size, category and many more.

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For each of the 7,500+ projects in the database, you will find details of relevant decision-makers: investors, developers, architects, designers and operators.

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The database is a proven lead-generation tool for hotel suppliers. We’ve been helping industry-leading companies boost their revenues for over 12 years.


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With our one week free trial you can try THP before you buy. Trial subscribers have limited access to the full database. You can use all functions and filter options, and look into the full data sheets of up to five hotel projects and five chain profiles.