We connect hotel owners, developers, investors, operators, designers and suppliers

In the hotel industry, we are the worldwide leading company for high-quality project information, data about hotel brands and operative hotels. Our products and services are an important part of personal and business interactions in our target group. Our online media platforms and directories are a significant source of information for the industry’s decision makers.

We are trendsetters in connecting data, editorial content and contact information intelligently and have the most extensive social media reach in our target market.

We offer products and services with high quality information about markets and projects, unique online media coverage and global networking events. This combination allows our customers to reach and sustain success in the hospitality industry – globally and regionally.

As a team, we are committed and have considerable expertise in our areas of work. We are passionate, service-orientated and offer our customers the best quality in products and services possible based on market knowledge, innovation and our global business network.

We are respected worldwide for the way we do business, the level of customer support we provide and our dynamic business development. We are seen as innovators, as an open minded team of great people to work with, multi-cultural, fair and loyal to clients, employees and partners.

The complete satisfaction of our different stakeholders stands in accordance with our striving for economic success.

Company values

Business and Competence Areas

As specialists in the hospitality industry, we are the heart of a global community of stakeholders from the areas of investment, development, operation, design and supply and see ourselves as a powerful link between them. We offer our customers a unique combination consisting of the most extensive database for hotel building projects and brands, networking events, news portal as well as online directories and media. By connecting these products and services synergistically, the customer benefit is maximized. With our innovative products and services we play internationally a leading role.


Our customers are the focal point of our activities. They deserve our complete appreciation and are the basis of our existence. We see our customers as most important initiators and best multipliers. We build strong relationships on sustainably, loyalty, reliability, fairness and with an individual approach.

Concept of Quality

For us quality means to provide the highest possible customer benefit. This is expressed through the topicality of the information provided, user-friendliness of our online tools, a professional organization of all processes and being 100% service orientated.

Cooperations Culture

We are all responsible for the realization and implementation of our goals and our mission. We identify with them and enjoy working together as a team. All members of the team are committed, interested, loyal, open-minded, friendly, fair and loyal as well as able to handle conflict and criticism. We are multi-cultural and reject every form of inequality and injustice. The principles of social responsibility, sustainability and environment protection are shared by us all.


Business success is seen as a team effort. Every single member is making an important contribution to this. The company enables and supports personal and professional development and encourages target-orientated education. Within the scope of the company’s development every employee can and ought to develop themselves inside and outside of their recent area of responsibility.


A cooperative management style is the basis of our leadership. Employees are included in decisions that concern their area of responsibility or competence. Management engages employees, keeping them appraised of important information and key initiatives; the employees actively participate in analysis and all research aspects. Feedback is given regularly to the employees; special achievements and ideas are honored. All leaders have a special duty of care and loyalty towards the employees.

Information & Communication

We communicate directly, with respect, friendly, target-orientated, trusting, on equal footing and without hesitation. A critical discussion is essential for a continuous improvement, but it is always objective and target-orientated, never personal. We are all open for criticism and criticize openly. We want to be involved, we request information and communicate inter-divisionally, timely and comprehensively.


We live and maintain diverse and international partnerships with partners, suppliers and service providers; they are important to us. We are loyal to our partners -for us good partnerships are long-term, sustainable, mutual, active and fair.