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Search for a Company or a Person

If you want to look for a certain company or an architect, you can use the filter “Office/ Company” (for companies) or “Contacts” (for persons). Choose the filter you need and start typing the name into the keyword search. After three letters, the system will offer you suggestions.

Add an employee/change was rejected

You tried to invite an employee who used to have a test account. Then the email is already in our system and cannot be added again. Please send an email with the address to us so we can delete the old entry.

Password Settings

Your new password has to: Be at least eight characters long Contain one letter Contain one number Contain one special character It cannot: Contain your email address Contain your user name Be the same as the previous one

New Password

Please use the “Forgotten Password” function, which you can find here:  Due to security reasons, we cannot see your password.