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Premium License

With the Premium subscription, you will get access to our online database with first class and luxury hotel projects, as well as hotel chain information and contact details to all involved contacts. The annual license includes three user logins to support you and your team identifying new sales opportunities. To integrate these new sales potential and leads within your work process, you can download all projects and contact data as PDF and Excel file. After subscribing to our database service, each of your users will get a live training session with our account management team. In addition, we offer quarterly construction reports for the various regions and for you to use for internal presentation reasons. Regular updates and new entries guarantee a continuous flow of upcoming project information during your 12-month subscription.

Due to our large network in the global hotel industry, the Premium subscription gives you extra benefits to increase awareness for your company via our THP News website. Within the 12-month subscription you can publish up to 10 press releases about your company, your products or case studies. Each article will be spread in addition via our social media accounts and newsletter, reaching more than 40,000 subscribers. Along with the articles, you get a box or banner advertising space for 10 months on the THP News website. With our quarterly reports, you will get an analysis on how well your articles and advertising has performed.

Region Euro US Dollar
GLOBAL - Worldwide 10,300 EUR 12,875 USD
EMEA - Europe, Middle East, Africa 8,300 EUR 10,375 USD
EUROPE - Europe 6,600 EUR 8,250 USD
AMERICAS - North, Central & South America, Caribbean 7,200 EUR 9,000 USD
APAC/ME - Asia Pacific, Middle East 6,600 EUR 8,250 USD
APAC - Asia Pacific 6,000 EUR 7,500 USD
NA - USA, Canada, Caribbean 6,200 EUR 7,750 USD
MENA - Middle East, North Africa 5,400 EUR 6,750 USD
GCC - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, UAE 4,950 EUR 6,188 USD
LATAM - Central & South America, Caribbean 4,400 EUR 5,500 USD
AFRICA - Africa 4,300 EUR 5,375 USD
DACH - Germany, Austria, Switzerland 5,400 EUR 6,750 USD
UK/IRE - United Kingdom, Ireland 4,300 EUR 5,375 USD