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THP’s expert report hub is the go-to source for market intelligence in the hotel industry. Our construction reports for the hotel industry provide valuable insights for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of this dynamic and ever-changing sector.

Whether you’re interested in luxury hotels, budget hotels, or boutique hotels, we’ve got you covered. We also provide information on the latest trends in hotel design,  amenities and so much more.

In our reports, we cover the top five hotel groups and the top ten hotel brands based on their market share and presence in the industry. We also examine the top ten countries and cities with the most hotel projects in the pipeline, including information on the phase of construction and year of opening.

Quick Insights: the Key Findings in THP Reports

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THP report Deeper Insight
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With THP’s construction reports, you’ll have access to the latest market intelligence and insights to make informed decisions. Our team of experts carefully analyses data and trends to provide accurate and timely information that you can trust.

Whether you’re a developer, investor, or industry professional, our construction report is an essential resource for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the hotel industry.

Global & Regional Reports:

Last Update: October 2023

Hotel Chain Reports:

Last Update: July 2023