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  • Discover up to 7  hotel projects and 7  chain profiles
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The leading data provider for the hospitality Industry

Our focus is on providing valuable information to hotel suppliers, investors, developers, architects, and designers seeking to connect with new leads in the industry. Additionally, THP’s database caters to this niche market, offering data insights to support the development of new hotel projects worldwide.

With our data-driven approach, our clients can easily identify new business opportunities and make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

Furthermore, our commitment to providing unmatched industry insights and support means that you can trust us to be your go-to partner for all things hotel related. Whether you’re an established business or a dynamic start-up, THP is here to help you make your mark in this exciting and fast-paced industry. 


Rolf W. Schmidt launches his idea of providing professional hotel construction information. The first data was copied onto a CD.

Acquisition of the domain

Start for the development of a hotel construction database. First research on hotel projects and sale of the information as an Excel file for the Hogatec exhibition in Düsseldorf.

First launch of a web-based platform with a customer login programmed by Heiko Staginski.

Extension of database research to international hotel projects.

Introduction of as a supplement to with information on international hotel chains. The first newsletter “Hotel Market Bulletin” is created and sent to 90 clients and around 300 guest logins and subscribers. The database reaches a total of 750 projects worldwide and is used by more than 100 clients.

Foundation of Tophotelprojects GmbH as an independent company.

Launch of the TOPHOTELPROJECTS LinkedIn group. By 2023, it has more than 31,000 members.

With the new domain, the database reaches a number of 5,000 projects worldwide. It specialises in providing information on hotel openings, renovations and expansions. The platform is aimed at hotel professionals, in particular hotel suppliers, but also investors, developers, architects and interior designers.

First-time implementation of a webshop and the development of an own CRM system.

New development of a more modern and powerful web application for our hotel construction database.

Brand relaunch of TOPHOTELPROJECTS.

Start and development of the media projects TOPHOTELNEWS, TOPHOTELWORLDTOUR, TOPHOTELEVENTS.

Introduction of further information services for the hotel supply industry: TOPHOTELSUPPLIER, TOPHOTELCENSUS.

Development of TOPHOTELDESIGN, a gallery for hotel design and architecture that provides insights into the latest trends and innovations in the hotel industry.

TOPHOTELPROJECTS starts a partnership with Sleeper Media Ltd. in the UK.

Sleeper Media acquires the majority shares of TOPHOTELPROJECTS. The management consists of the managing directors Damain Walsh, Andreas Rohde and the authorised signatory (CFO) Margrit Tietjen.

Tophotelprojects begins future-oriented investments. We are committed to developing innovative applications and continuously improving our database features for hotel projects, hotel chains and companies involved with their direct contacts.

Stay Informed with Our Daily Briefings on Hotel News, Trends, and Industry Events

Moreover, if you are looking for the latest information on international hotel developments, with in-depth explanations and professional analysis from a reputable source, then THP.News is your one-stop center for all things hospitality. We offer a comprehensive set of resources that we call the Five P’s:

Our THP.News platform offers a comprehensive set of resources to help you stay on top of the latest developments in the hospitality industry. From Projects to Products, we cover every aspect of the industry.Stay informed with us and never miss a beat.

Introducing Sleeper Media

In 2022, a new chapter began for Top Hotel Projects GmbH (THP) as it officially became part of Sleeper Media, a dominant publisher and event organiser in the hospitality design industry worldwide. Established in 1999, Sleeper Media is the market-leading B2B media company in hospitality design, development and operations, boasting high-quality print publications including Sleeper Magazine and renowned events such as AHEAD Awards and Sleeper Sessions.

This strategic acquisition is based on joining forces and combining the power of print and digital publishing with the latest data and insights. We’re creating a unique and exceptional experience that will cater to a highly niche audience in the hospitality industry. Our collaboration will bring together the best of both worlds, providing a comprehensive media package that’s designed to meet the specific needs of hospitality stakeholders across the spectrum.